The Ninety Gardens Challenge

In 2017 the National Garden Scheme celebrated 90 years of opening gardens in order to raise money for nursing charities. I thought it might be a fun challenge to visit 90 NGS gardens. My criteria was that they had to open sometime in the year for the NGS and they had to be new to me.

Starting with Robinson College in Cambridge on the 2nd January, I travelled the country with notebook and camera in hand and finishing with Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire.


2 thoughts on “The Ninety Gardens Challenge

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  2. Great! Put their wellies on, give them a little task to perform in the garden, tell them how important it is and set them to it with gusto. On the way explain what that strange creature is they have just discovered, its place in God’s scheme of things and why they should treat it kindly. (During a little break a bumble bee came looking at me. It flew near to my face, hovered in front of my nose then gently touched it. I didn’t move and it flew away, contented I wasn’t a flower. The children were amazed.) Above all, get them to plant something so that at each visit they can see its progress. Finally, give them a good wash; they love it (the gardening, not the wash).


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