Stoke Mandeville, Horatio’s Garden. (90)

For The Ninetieth garden I was invited to see a very special garden at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. The day of the visit, last Monday the sky was a dull grey and there had been heavy snow the previous day. The Hospital is famous for its National Spinal Injuries Centre, one of the largest specialist … Continue reading Stoke Mandeville, Horatio’s Garden. (90)

The Manor House, Bledlow; sculpture and setting (89)

Back in May we stayed with friends in North Buckinghamshire and they suggested we might visit Bledlow Manor, the home of Lord Carrington. A beautiful drive through the Chilterns brought us to this lovely estate and we were able to park under the line of flowering chestnut trees. The house had been in the family … Continue reading The Manor House, Bledlow; sculpture and setting (89)