The Elusive Tilly.(**)


Some time ago I discovered that there is a snow drop called Tilly.  John, a trusty galanthophile from Gable House thought he had one but could not lay his hands on it when I visited some weeks ago (blog 9).

Tilly is a hybrid between galanthus gracilis and galanthus plicatus “Trym” which I have to say is completely meaningless to me. I like the idea that having found it in her garden, Valerie Cross, a notable lady in the snow drop world, named the flower after her terrier.

I am delighted to report that John has now supplied me with Tilly. I was a little surprised at the going rate of £40.00. A serious amount for such a tiny bulb. Think of how many other plants  I might buy for the same price. However my daughter Tilly has been living in Argentina for the past year. I miss her and really need a little something to celebrate her birthday. She of course reminded me that she is priceless.


Indeed the price paled into insignificance when I noticed this label at Monksilver Nursery the other day:


John also sent me some Galanthus Allenii , cheaper than our Tilly. They came through the post in beautiful condition carefully tied up with green twine and wrapped in damp moss. Unlike the aconites which arrived a day later from a commercial bulb grower, putrid and rotten. Thank heaven for NGS plantsmen.

I am busy dividing my snowdrops at home now but will nurture my Tilly. She is indeed a bit of a beauty; I hope you agree:










12 thoughts on “The Elusive Tilly.(**)

  1. I might or perhaps not buy one to celebrate our mini daxi Tilly named for The Matilda Hospital in Hong Kong where both our sons were born. But she is beautiful!

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  2. I also have a daughter called Tilly! What a beautiful snowdrop. It will naturalise and you will have lots of them in a few year’s time. They do fetch some prices don’t they? I think the record is over £1k for a single specimen!

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  3. Having heard a great deal of the famed Tilly I am pleased to see she is so very beautiful. I may wait until she becomes a little more plentiful, but as my first dog is named Tilly I think I must succumb at some stage – in her honour at least!


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