The Laburnums; a collection of Spring colour. (23)

It was such a lovely day that following my visit to  Witton Lane,  I decided to head on south across the flat fields of the Waveney Valley to Halesworth in Suffolk. Such a very different garden compared to this morning.  But then no two gardens are the same.

The Laburnums’ gate was swung wide open:


A blend of trees and shrubs curve around the drive with the Amelanchiers looking particularly fine.


Clumps of dark purple violets grow underfoot.


In the front garden you can take the  daffodil lined perimeter walk which links the drive with the pedestrian entrance from the road….


the entrance was closed today; if it were open you would have entered and walked through this rose-lined arch.


These two on their circular seat opposite the front door are quite a talking point.


The flowering currant Ribes sanguineum is a good performer in this Spring garden.


An unusual variety is just coming into flower.


The white blossom bursting out on the prunus is complemented by the summer snowflake Leucojum aestivum at its feet.


It is so popular this afternoon that Jane says that she could have sold this plant a hundred times over. A member of the Amaryllis family, it is charming.


I am glad the gate through to the back garden is wide open today!


A pretty pond is the focus here. The water is circulated up through the pump house, flowing gently down the roof, into the gutter and back into the pond through the down pipe.


Perhaps I should mention the animals which appear round and about the garden. These  sheep in the front garden seem not to be sturdy,


A frog is content to sit in the shade.


Whilst the tortoise is happy marching through a border.


The very pink pigs seem to be protecting the newly sown areas of lawn.


And then the ducks arrive; I am confused because they are actually real and moving!


While the animals are an amusing distraction, it is the flowers that really grab your attention; A magnolia rises above evergreens.


The camellias are stunning.


Even perfect:


The fragrance from Daphne is a delight.


By the back door stands an upright pump with a handy watering can.


Plant-lined paths lead to hidden areas.


The glasshouse is busy with a multitude of potted plants; not an inch to spare.


Beyond, the path bends round through woodland to bring you back again.


An old deciduous tree stands at the furthest point. It might be a sunny day but it is a reminder that summer is not quite here,


and it is easy to forget that it is still daffodil time.


Returning along a different path I find this little chap; with book open on his lap I think his mind is actually farther afield.


It is hard to imagine that this was once just a bare patch of ground. This photograph was taken in 1985.

Jane is a garden designer and we are fortunate that she has opened her garden with the NGS for five years.


She kindly digs up a marsh marigold from the pond for me and I take my leave.


Jane is busy with the many visitors and she answers their questions with enthusiasm. A fitting plaque adorns the wall.



One thought on “The Laburnums; a collection of Spring colour. (23)

  1. I so appreciate the before picture. It makes me think of all that work and how well it has paid off. Wonderful. I have always wondered what I would do with a blank slate. It certainly takes dedication.


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