The Beeches. (31)

Very few notices were displayed on the approach to The Beeches but this Jack Russell knew exactly where he was going and was very intent to lead us through the open garden gate in Walsham-le-Willows in Suffolk.


By the front door grows the Chilean Vestia foetida, the flowers complementing the yellowy leaves of the white wisteria behind.

DSCF9797 (1).jpg

Tables for tea were laid out in the sheltered space by the back door.


On the other side of the house a standard wisteria will look good in a week or two.


An ancient hedge reminds us of a locomotive steaming along.


A leftover treat from Easter egg hunt has yet to be found, or is this the dove that laid the golden egg?


If the lack of rain carries on this could well be hauled back into use.


The Topiary has recently been clipped


The funny creatures and shapes fill the beds either side of the steps.


The thatched pavilion serves the croquet lawn.


There has been a Japanese influence,


surrounding the ornate well.


and interesting hand rail.


An unusual colour is painted on the trellised gate,


and beyond in the wilder area is a gazebo overlooking a stream.


It could be Narnia.


The fronds of the fern are gracefully unfurling.


Damp shady plants of rodgersia and gunnera also grow by the water’s edge.

Back across into the main part of the garden a shaded area is waiting for a little attention.


And the small potager is growing apace.


According to records the garden originally opened in the month of July and has done so for a magnificent 20 years. Interest and knowledge have gone into the planning and planting but as so often happens maintenance can become a trial.

Garden owners sadly grow old and pass away, and here is no exception; it would be fair to say that maintenance over the last few years has been minimal. Hopefully the new generation will in time have the enthusiasm to tackle this and restore this once loved garden.


3 thoughts on “The Beeches. (31)

  1. When I see a garden like this I look at it with the gardeners eye. Then I think about what will happen to my garden that I love so. It will probably be tilled up and all put back to lawn.


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