The Grange at Heydon, white and whimsical. (50)

The Norfolk NGS team is fortunate to have a volunteer photographer who takes pictures of the open gardens for the booklet and website. From time to time it is necessary to update the portfolio. So I joined Simon the photographer and Graham the press officer on a visit to The Grange at Heydon ahead of the open day this Sunday.


Heydon is a small village situated just north of Reepham in Norfolk. It is a charming village, one of the few  to have no through road and one which is still privately owned. In true Norfolk fashion we drive past the front gates round to the back door.


As we arrive it is every photographer’s nightmare and there is a cloud burst. Undeterred and borrowing coats from the Bulwer-Longs we enter the garden through the wooden door at the side of the house.


By the front door the rose New Dawn climbs the wall behind the pineapple broom argyrocytisus battandieri and there is a twirl of box at its feet.

DSCF2638 (1).jpg

A rose tumbles over the wall; the fact that owner Tim does not know the name does not detract from its beauty.


A  sun room links the wall with the house and we go through to enter the garden on the other side.


Roses bloom amongst the herbaceous and shrub planting; it is a funny year with even the dahlias coming into flower. Around the garden are delightful places to sit, either in the sun,


or under the shade of a cherry tree. The sprinklers are playing on the parched lawn,


and water carriers at the ready.


Over the ancient wall Paul’s Himalayan Musk climbs up into the tree.


You can just catch sight of the tower of the Church of St Peter and St Paul.


The topiary grows out in fun shapes and it is the roof of Tim’s office we can see beyond,


to which he disappears off beneath the rose arches,


and through the open garden gate.


It is in an enviable location, and just outside is the mask of a fox mounted on a rustic post.


Returning through the gate we can glance sideways along the clipped box in the white garden.

DSCF2670 (1).jpg

The white seat enhances the colour of the roses.


The theme of white carries on behind the unusually shaped hedge


where three little cherubs are encircled by perfect rings of box.


We walk along the path north of the house through mature hedges and shrubs


out into the recently planted avenue.


A splash of white fills the corner, at first I think it is a rose but the scent makes it recognisable as a mock orange philadelphus. 


A bird stands in the little stream; is it a Heron, or a Stork?  Graham rescues the mate who is lying dead in the water and it is good to see them back as a pair again. Drifts of yellow loosestrife lysimachia vulgaris grow along the bank.


At the back of the house the topiary shapes are wonderfully whimsical.


A small herb garden is watched over by this little person.


Simon is a hydrangea enthusiast and has a keen eye for this Oak-leaved hydrangea quercifolia.


We walk back down the path where an obelisk is flanked by four yew pyramids.


We felt a little guilty not saying goodbye to our hosts but at least we paid our respects to the dog.

DSCF2706 (1)

The Grange at Heydon will be open this Sunday afternoon from 2-5pm. The admission is only £4.00 and children are free. Home-made teas will be served in a tent on the lawn, a chance to sit and relax in a lovely setting. You can combine it with a visit in the morning to Brinton Grange (Blog 51) just 20 minutes away which is open from 11-4pm.


3 thoughts on “The Grange at Heydon, white and whimsical. (50)

  1. how do so many people maintain such immaculate and large grounds… fairies at the bottom of the garden? Heydon is a perfect Norfolk paradise. Wish I could visit tomorrow but have too many family dear ones invading for tea here in Newmarket.

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  2. Even though this has a lot of formality it feels like people enjoy this garden. Maybe it is the sun room and all the nice seating in the garden. I bet there is a full time pruner in this garden. I like the informal hedges/topiaries. I like everything about this garden actually. The New Dawn rose going up the house is charming. The rose over the wall is amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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