5 Brodie Road, a frenzy of flowers in London E4. (66)

5 Brodie Road, a suburban garden measuring 12m x 9m (40′ x 60′) must qualify as the smallest garden I have visited so far, but by no means the least floriferous. Situated in Chingford it was the second opening this year and I peered from the pavement through the white Japanese anemones in the front garden,


to find bright hanging baskets, a hint to what lay behind this semi-detached house where on the left-side Norman greeted us and the garden gate was open…

DSCF4404 (1)

Passing by the tables and chairs ready to receive those fancying a cuppa, we find a collection of pots lining the fence, pink oleander,

DSCF4394.jpgexotic eucomis known as the pineapple flower,


and that old favourite the fresh white rosa Iceberg.


Opposite are succulents arranged on a decorative shelving unit.


Throughout the garden there is a variety of containers,  hanging baskets where geraniums grow,


begonias in chimney pots,


and small alpines occupy the seat of a chair.







Barbara and Norman love flowers and colour and for that reason Norman dug up the lawn. Now we feast our eyes on a spectacle of colour that fills the garden.


Plants are packed in, no room for a weed.


There are dahlias to die for:


On the same plant are white blooms, pink blooms and some blooms which cannot make up their minds.

Bright Dahlia ‘Pooh’ is just buzzing.


I think this could be Dahlia ‘chimborazo’, and is that a princely face appearing below?

DSCF4387.jpg At the bottom of the garden angled into the corner is an arbor where visitors are tempted to sit for a while.


Just to the side is an abutilon megapotamicum ‘Pink Charm’; a fellow visitor describes them as  ‘fairy hats’.


and hidden behind the foliage of jasmine, clematis and miscanthus is a mirror where I just catch sight of something familiar.


From the seat looking back to the house is an arch over which climb the golden yellow cupped heads of Rosa Graham Thomas; it is easy to understand why it was voted the world’s most popular rose.


Through the arch the view towards the house is filled with foliage and flowers.


and in just a few steps I am up by the house and looking back. It is hard to believe this was once a lawn.


We enjoy a slice of cake served through the kitchen door. Barbara has made coffee and walnut, a combination hard to beat. Please don’t tell my niece she has already commented on the fact that my blogs contain too much cake!



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